With High Efficiency Lighting you will substantially reduce your monthly energy costs!

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Choosing the right technology for new high efficiency lighting can be a confusing. No one technology works in all applications.You may have questions such as,

Which high efficiency lighting technology is right for my requirements; LED, electrodeless induction, digital re-ballasting, or retro fitting existing fixtures?

If I want to use my current lighting fixtures, which technology will retro fit best into them.

Can I use LED lighting fixtures and solar panels for off-grid operation on my billboards?

Cold Light Products mission is to help you answer these questions.

Cold Light Products is a distributor for over 40 different manufacturers of all types of high efficiency lighting fixtures, standard lighting, custom retrofit kits, and accessories.

Featured Products

Induction Lighting Has the longest-life of all technologies. Great for Warehouse Lighting, Street lighting and Parking Lots

LED Lighting Residential, Indoor Commercial Recessed Lighting, Plants and Trees, Street lighting and Incandescent Bulb Replacement

Billboard LED Lighting Instant energy savings of 85%, using latest state-of-the-art 60 Watt 120 watts/lumen LED technology

Retro Fit Kits Most cost effective way to install the new lighting technologies, No need to replace old fixtures

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Induction Lighting LED Lighting Billboards Retro Fit Kits


Induction Lighting


  • Highly Efficient, Energy Saving and Cost Effective
  • Instant Starting, no cold-start
  • No Flickering
  • Bright, white light (CRI > 80)
  • No glare and light pollution

Best Applications

  • Outside Building and Warehouse Lighting
  • Street lighting and Parking Lots
  • Flood Light
  • Inspection & QA Lighting

LED Lighting


  • Most Efficient and Energy Saving of all technologies
  • No mercury, lead or other disposable hazards
  • Instant starting, no cold start
  • Bright, white light (CRI > 80)

Best Applications

  • Residential & Outdoor Lighting
  • Indoor Recessed Lighting
  • Plant Lighting
  • Streets, Parking lots
  • Incandescent bulb Replacement

CLP Solar LED Retrofit Billboard Kits


  • Instant energy savings of
  • 80,000 hours using latest technology in LED lighting
  • No maintenance - except for occasional cleaning of solar panels
  • Higher lumens per watt vs. other Technologies
  • No Utility bill
  • Easy installation - minimum wiring required
  • Potential credits and savings on state and federal taxes

Induction Retro Fit Kits


  • Most cost effective way to install the new lighting technologies
  • No recycling of old fixtures.
  • Reuse unique fixtures that cannot be replaced